Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lucky 13

135 W 1300 S Salt Lake City, UT 84115
(801) 487-4418

Today I ate at Lucky 13. If you you know nothing about this place, you need to go and get any burger with bacon on it and a side of garlic fries.  They are also a bar so be sure to bring your ID and be ready to watch some kind of sport.  They are a biker bar so you don't have to dress classy.  They also have Pub Trivia on Wednesdays that can be a real blast.  I eat here at leased once a month and I usually get fried pickles. I love pickles and their pickles are some of the best. They have a spicy fry sauce for all of the sides that adds an extra kick.

Today I tried something new.  It was a jalapeno pepper burger,  one of the specials for the night.  It took longer than usual to make but I had nowhere to go and just sat back and enjoyed shooting the breeze with the bouncer and sipping on a Shock Top. When this burger came, I thought for a moment the world stopped spinning.  Let break down this amazing thing in front of me.  The bun had been buttered and toasted, slightly more than usual to give that extra crunch. It then had all the usual-  tomato, fantastic green lettuce, a little sauce I think.... not important.  Then came the the meat patty,  it was cooked Med rare, just the way I like it, then thick layers of the best bacon in town.  I could write poems about this bacon, it is smoked bacon that is thick an juicy and tastes like it has actually been smoked, unlike many places I have eaten. then a thin layer of fresh jalapenos cut very thin. They both give a bang of spice and more color to this masterpiece.  They are nothing like what you buy in a store in a can.  Then came the cheese.  It was large chunks of cream cheese.  I do not know why more people have not realized the power of cream cheese,  it gives this burger this smooth creamy texture to play in your mouth around all these other rough textures in your mouth.  I expect greatness from the food at Lucky 13 but this burger went above and beyond my expectations.

I then got a side of fried pickles that just finished off the experience.  Because the are made so fresh, the pickles need plenty of time to cool off or they need to be cut in half.  By eating the whole burger first, they were perfect temperature.  Still hot, but I didn't burn my tongue.

There are some downside to this place.  Number one: it is a bar and they will not let you in without an ID saying you are over 21.  Two: the parking is limited.  I almost never park in the very small parking lot in front because it is constantly full,  the best option is to ride tracks to 13th south and cross the street, because it is literally across from tracks,  also never go on a night when the baseball team the Bee's are playing; it is always jam packed. Three: DO NOT get the ring of fire burger unless you hate yourself, love pain more than people should, or you can handle hot things more than anyone you know.  I can handle heat, I love heat but this burger made me cry.  I finished it but I couldn't taste anything for a few days.

So overall I give this dine out two thumbs up.  I will be going again and soon.  If this burger is a special again, I will be getting it. 


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